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31 Agency Opening


31 Agency came to life in May 2022; CEO Mr. Lorans Al-Mansi has always been passionate about marketing. The core ambition behind 31 Agency is to change the Middle Eastern communities’ outlook on marketing in general. Number 31, is the closest to Loran’s heart because he believes that it’s his lucky number and his birthdate happens to be 3/31. His lifetime dream also turned into reality at the age of 31.

Turkey Trip


31 Agency planned a fabulous work trip for its employees to Trabzon and Istanbul, Turkey, for work and pleasure. Our work trip was a great way for our team to bond together and build strong relationships with each other. We saw new places, learned about a new culture, and experienced new things. Studies have shown that taking time away from the stresses of everyday life and work can improve and have positive physical and mental health benefits. Traveling together allows for team-building, collaboration, and productive job performance. Do like 31 Agency, get out there, and start traveling with your colleagues!

Fun Outings


At 31 Agency, we believe that fun company outings are important because they can be the perfect way to build a strong bond between the team. We get a chance to break up the daily routine and allow ourselves to know each other in a more comfortable and relaxed environment outside of work. From having lunch and dinner out together to playing fun games, we create a greater appreciation amongst our team.

Training Our Digital Warriors


We at 31 Agency care about the performance and growth of our employees therefore, we always push them to improve their professional skills. Todays competitive and ever-changing job market makes employees eager to undergo training in order to boost engagement and business outcomes. Training helps employees progress in their careers and improves job satisfaction.

Fun Office Games


Having a fun work environment is a key element of employee happiness. Mr. Lorans CEO of 31 Agency does his best to really motivate, and boost the mood of his employees in order to offer them an overall comfortable and pleasant work experience. Doing fun activities at work helps people know each other better and communicate more effectively.

Yummy Goodies


A simple acknowledgment of employees and offering them a comfortable work environment will make a big difference. We at 31 Agency always pamper our employees by offering free snacks, delicious coffee, and many other goodies, which inspires them to go above and beyond. When they're appreciated; employees will get encouraged to be more productive and work harder in the long run.

Employee of the Month


An award for “employee of the month”, will make the employees strive hard to do their assigned tasks in the best way, keeping them challenged and happy, why would they look for work anywhere else? The best form of employee motivation and recognition is when a company treats its employees well and makes them feel worthy; they are more likely to stick around. Treating your employees well shows the public that you're successful, stable, and caring. In the eyes of many people, that makes you worth doing business with.

Exceptional Influencers


We have teamed up with the best influencers in Jordan to assist businesses to scale and improve their influencer marketing. We create the most authentic, data-driven, and tailored campaigns in town, guaranteeing your business to reach new heights. With 31 Agency influencer’s you will not only endorse your brand, enhance credibility, build consumer trust; but also be sure to see the magic happen to your business!

Kick-Off to the New Year


31 Agency’s lively team never misses an opportunity to celebrate any occasion. We celebrated the New Year on the horizon and its new beginnings in our own special, festive low-key way. We witnessed an ultimately team-building experience, filled with high energy, tons of fun, amazing music, whistles, confetti poppers, and so much more. We all are excited to see what 2023 will bring!

2022 FIFA World Cup


The 2022 FIFA World Cup held a different type of vibe since it was the first time ever to take place in Doha, Qatar an Arab country! At 31 Agency our World Cup excitement was like no other. We gathered and watched matches together during lunchtime, and would meet up almost every night to route for our favorite teams. With bated breath, our team gathered at a venue to watch as the first match kicked off with Qatar vs. Ecuador. We always seek to boost team morale and encourage team spirit between our beloved employees.

Princess Taghrid Institute


CEO of 31 Agency Mr. Lorans Al-Mansi became the Goodwill Ambassador of the local NGO Princess Taghrid Institute. The Princess Taghrid Institute (PTI) supports orphaned, underprivileged, and abandoned youths in Jordan. Their main focus is to empower women and enable them to become independent. We are looking forward to being a part of this remarkable organization.

Ramadan Vibes


It’s known that one of the most exciting things to do in Ramadan is decorating, therefore, we decided on creating sensational Ramadan vibes at work. We lit up our beloved employees’ spirits and boosted their morale with this unforgettable experience. Everyone gave a hand in bringing the Ramadan spirit to life and decorating 31 Agency’s office with the most beautiful lights, giving it a special peaceful aura and calm atmosphere.

31 Kitchen


It is known that one of the best ways to bond and enhance teamwork is with cooking, this results in networking, social interaction, and team members working together hand in hand and having fun, eventually resulting in forming ongoing bonds. 31 Kitchen is the best way to provide a fun environment and foster deeper connections between team members.


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